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Searching for a Alameda County Certified E-Filing Service Provider (EFSP) that does Court Electronic filing, Process Service, Private Investigations (skip Tracing) all with a click of a button? You can electronically file (file) and serve all legal documents same-day by choosing us. Our document e filing serviceprocess serving and skip tracing services are proven to beat short deadlines by instantly and expeditiously delivering copies over the internet. Wherever court e filing is unavailable, we will visit the courthouse for you in person on the same day you request the filing service. Contact us and share your specific needs today. No companies that serve legal papers will go above and beyond for your service like E-FILE Expert™.

We are an Alameda County California e-filing court technology company and certified E-Filing Service Provider (EFSP) for all 58 counties in California. Our Alameda County California court e filing company can also guarantee same-day or next-day delivery for all legal document filings statewide. Business organizations such as lawyerslaw firms, insurance agenciesgovernment agencies and corporate legal departments trust E-FILE Expert™ because we have more than 30 years of experience with same-day in-person filings rules and regulations at courthouses. 

Our Alameda County California e-filing company can meet any deadlines at the Alameda County Superior Court through electronic filing, same-day in-person filing at the courthouse, by fax machine, or by mail depending on the courthouse’s rules. Scroll down for complete lists of the counties that accept e-filing or require in-person filings or other methods provided by our Alameda County California court filing company. 

Through our court e filing platform online, law firms, insurance companies, government agencies, and businesses are able to electronically file and easily manage hundreds — even thousands — of pages instantly in minutes with the click of a button.  Trust our three decades as an Alameda County California court filing company doing same-day legal service assignments for attorneys, law firms, government agencies, insurance agencies and more. To guarantee same-day delivery, login or contact our Alameda County California e-filing company to submit your service request by 4 PM PST. We will transmit a conformed copy of the filing to you electronically as soon as it’s available from the court.

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The Alameda County Superior Court announced that eFiling will go live on February 21, 2023 and become mandatory on April 1, 2023 for the following case types:

Family Law

Mandatory eFiling and eService for represented parties and other represented persons will be effective April 1, 2023. (Local rule 5.12)  Permissive eFiling for any party or other person is effective Feb. 21, 2023. (Local rule 5.12)

Mental Health

Mandatory eFiling and eService for represented parties and other represented persons begins April 1, 2023. (Local rule 6.3Permissive eFiling for any party or other person is effective Feb. 21, 2023. (Local rule 6.3)

Technical Requirements for eFiling

Documents must be e-filed in a searchable PDF format and otherwise comply with the technical requirements listed on the court’s website. (Local rule 3.27For more information see the Alameda County Superior Court website. 

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Adoptions E-filing

Adoptions e-filing is expected to launch mid-2023. Updates will be posted here.  Coming Soon…

Civil E-filing

The Superior Court of Alameda County proudly announces the launch of a new civil case management system eCourt, including Civil e-filing and a new public portal.  Pursuant to Local Rule 3.27 the civil division is implementing mandatory electronic filing (e-filing) for attorneys and providing the option of e-filing to self-represented litigants. Attorneys may elect to begin e-filing as of the dates shown below.

The implementation schedule for civil e-filing is as follows:

Type               Mandatory Date

Unlimited Civil       January 1, 2022

Limited Civil               January 1, 2022

Civil Complex      January 1, 2022

Unlawful Detainers  January 1, 2022

Small Claims      January 1, 2022

Criminal & Juvenile e-filing

Criminal and Juvenile Cases Only

Electronically File Court Documents with E-FILE Expert™.  Our Juvenile and Criminal Divisions are now accepting electronic filings. At this time, Motions to Set Aside Bail Forfeiture cannot be filed via this service. Effective Monday, July 1, 2019: The Superior Court of Alameda County will implement new electronic filing fees for non-exempt filers in Criminal and Juvenile cases.

Family Law e-filing

Family Law e-filing is expected to launch mid-2023. Updates will be posted  here.  Coming Soon…

Mental Health e-filing

Mental Health e-filing is expected to launch mid-2023. Updates will be posted  here.  Coming Soon…

Probate e-filing

Probate e-filing is expected to launch mid-2023. Updates will be posted here.  Coming Soon…


Top 5 Reasons Your Court Filing May Be Rejected By The Court

Incorrect case type or case category is selected. Filers should ensure the case type and case category selected from the drop-down list in the EFSP portal is accurate. The clerk does not have the authority to determine whether the document information is correct, and if the data entry can be disregarded. Please refer to the Document Finder on the court’s Civil eFiling webpage for the options available.  

AKA or DBA is not entered in the separate data field. Ensure the AKA or DBA; LLC or Corporation is entered in the separate data field provided for that information. The court’s case management system (CMS) pulls information directly from the data fields on the EFSP’s portal. If the information is not entered in the correct fields, the information will not be accurate in the CMS.

Document is defective, i.e., it does not comply with California Rules of Court, Rules 2.100-2.118. Ensure the documents comply with California Rules of Court, Rules 2.100-2.118, including the case number is on the first page of the document, as required by CRC, rule 2.111(5), the case title is accurate, and the hearing information on the first page of the document. California Rules of Court, Rules 2.100-2.118 prescribe the form and format of papers to be filed in the trial courts. For a comprehensive list of requirements to ensure a document is not defective, review California Rules of Court, rules 2.100-2.118

Documents are not submitted as separate PDFs in the same transaction/envelope. Ensure the documents are submitted as individual PDF documents. For example, a Civil Case Cover Sheet, Summons, Complaint, and Proof of Service must be submitted as individual PDF documents. Multiple documents for the same case can be e-filed in the same “envelope” or transaction but each document needs to be a separate PDF. When multiple documents are submitted as a single PDF document, it can only be treated as one document which prevents the case management system (CMS) from creating individual CMS entries to accurately record the filing of the individual documents.

Information in the data fields is incorrect and/or does not match the document image. Ensure the information entered in the data fields in the EFSP portal is accurate and matches the information in the document image. For example, the case number must match the case number on the document image. The clerk does not have the authority to determine which information is correct and which information can be disregarded. The customer must provide complete information for accurate case creation and case updates. 

The Superior Court of California, County of Alameda provides the mandatory requirements for the electronic filing (e-filing) of civil documents in Local Rule 3.27 and more information in the Technical Requirements found on the Civil e-filing webpage. Below are tips for avoiding the most common reasons documents are rejected, and how to help facilitate effective e-filing

e-filing FAQ’s

What civil case types are categorized under mandatory e-filing?

Currently all Civil case types to include sub-categories of unlawful detainers, small claims, civil harassment restraining orders and civil appeals. Probate, mental health, and family law cases are not yet available through e-filing.

Is e-filing mandatory?

Self-represented litigants are not required to file documents electronically at the time; however, are encouraged to do so. Litigants represented by attorneys must e-file as of January 1, 2022 in all civil cases. See Local Rule 3.27.

What documents are exempt from e-filing?

  • Bench Warrants
  • Subpoenaed documents
  • Bonds
  • Undertakings
  • Certified judgments
  • Out of State or Out of County Abstracts or Commissions
  • Sister State Judgments
  • Subpoenas for Out of State Actions
  • Payee Data Records

How do I submit documents exempt from e-filing?

Documents that are exempt from e-filing can be submitted for filing in the Clerk’s Office between office hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:00p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding Holidays or by mail (visit our Locations page for courthouse addresses).

Will fax filing still be available after e-filing is implemented?

Fax filing will not be available for civil documents after e-filing is implemented on October 12th, 2021. Fax filing will only remain available for Probate and Family Law case types. 

Which electronic service provider (EFSP) can I use to e-file?

You may use any EFSP that is listed on the Court’s civil e-filing Service Provider webpage.

Do I have to use an EFSP?

Yes. All courts accepting e-filed documents are mandated to use independent EFSP’s in accordance with CRC 2.259(e).

What are the filing hours for e-filing?

Documents can be e-filed 24 hours a day. Any e-filing received by the Court before midnight will be deemed received or filed on the same business day if accepted. Any electronic filing submitted after midnight will be deemed received or filed as of the next business day if accepted. Any document received electronically on a non-court day, is deemed to have been effectively filed on the next court day if accepted. (California Rules of Court, rule 2.253(b)(6); Code Civ. Proc. § 1010.6(b)(3)). See Local Rule 3.27.

Once a document is e-filed, what is the processing time?

Processing time will depend on the type of document filed. Processing office hours are 8:30-4:00pm Monday-Friday excluding holidays. The court strives to review and process all documents submitted via e-filing within three business days.

What if my document is rejected?

Any document Rejected will include the reason for the rejection of the document. If your document is rejected, you must correct and resubmit the document.

What are the requirements for e-filing?

The requirements for e-filing are described in the e-filing Technical Requirements on the court’s civil e-filing webpage.

Do I need to submit a printed courtesy copy?

Yes, in certain instances and pursuant to Alameda County Superior Court Local Rule 3.30(c). During trial, motions, memoranda, and matters presented to the Court in writing for decision may be served in open court in hard copy form after having been e-filed.

Can I e-file a complaint or petition with a fee waiver application?

Yes, the initiating document and fee waiver application will be processed at the same time. These documents may be submitted in the same transaction.

How are motions scheduled in e-file?

Motions must first be scheduled using Court Reservation System (CRS) in the Court’s eCourt Public Portal. Upon obtaining the reservation the motion can be e-filed. The CRS reservation receipt must be included when e-filing a motion. If submitted without a reservation receipt, the e-filing will be rejected.

How should motions and supporting documents be submitted?

Motions with supporting documents can be submitted in the same transaction. However, all documents, including any proposed order, must be submitted as separate PDF documents.

Have I consented to electronic service?

Yes, parties required to file documents electronically have agreed to accept electronic service at the electronic service address provided. (California Rules of Court, rule 2.251(C)(3).) Self-represented litigants and parties exempt from e-filing must affirmatively consent to acceptance of electronic service. (California Rules of Court, rule 2.251(b)(1)(B).)

When will e-filing be available for Family Law, Probate, Adoptions and Mental Health cases?

E-filing will be available for Family Law, Probate, Adoptions and Mental Health cases in 2023. More information will be posted on the court’s website soon.

How do I e-file into a Judicial Council Coordination Proceeding (JCCP) case?

To e-file into a JCCP case, you must have an Alameda issued case number for your coordinated case, please input the Alameda case number when e-filing. The Alameda County case number and the JCCP case number must be on the document(s) submitted for filing.

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We Offer Same-Day Service for All Court Filings

Alameda County California Process Service Company of Licensed Experts With 3 Decades of Experience

Our Alameda County California process service company has more than 30 years of experience serving Small Claims Matters, Bank Levies, Wage Garnishments, Personal Subpoenas, Record Subpoenas, Writs of Execution, Restraining Orders, Evictions and Foreclosures, Summons and Complaints, Notices and Letters, Probate Matters, Family Law Matters, and more at any address statewide. 

Our experienced process servers consistently satisfy attorneys, law firms, insurance companies, government agencies, and businesses with same-day or next-day delivery. eFile Expert’s Alameda County California process service company serves the target properly on the first attempt in more than 9 out of 10 assignments. 

In the event of an elusive defendant or witness, California licensed investigators at eFile Expert can quickly do a locate search or skip trace to find the most up-to-date address for service. Our Alameda County California process service company is happy to file your Proof of Service at the courthouse too; simply let us know before we begin.

Skip Trace and Locate Search Services by California Licensed Investigators

Our Alameda County California locate search company can access the most up-to-date databases to track, trace, and locate the address of any individual or business you’re trying to serve. Our California locate search company normally finds an up-to-date address for the target person or business in 24-48 hours. 

Alameda County Online Court Forms and Alameda County Court Filing Fee Information

Any local or state legal forms that you need e-filed or filed in-person in Alameda County are available from the county court website here for local forms and here for state forms. All of these forms are approved by California’s State Judicial Council, and can easily be filled in electronically by clicking the form to load it as a PDF file before typing your case information into the fields provided. Use the buttons below to view Alameda County’s local court forms:

State-approved forms for the following case types are available using the buttons below:

Fees Related To Legal Assignments Vary By County And Are Outlined In The Most Current Alameda County Fee Schedule. For The Most Up-To-Date Fee Schedule, Click The Button Below. 

Note: Prices are subject to change based on various conditions.

*Additional court filing fees or surcharges may apply. Contact us for more information about county surcharges in your area. Advanced fees will be billed as incurred. There is an additional 10% fee for all advance costs.  We bill for any shipping and handling fees as incurred.

We are unable to assist pro per or pro se parties. If you are proceeding individually, please choose another service. If you have an attorney, please have them register an account with us.

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