How to Submit a Request for E-Filing, In-Person Filing, Process Service, or a Locate Search

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Follow these 3 short steps to request a service.

Step 1 – Register your account with eFile Expert by completing the forms at

***PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to assist pro per or pro se parties. If you are proceeding individually, please choose another service. If you have an attorney, please have them register an account with us.

Step 2 – Log in here to submit your request.

Step 3 – Before we begin, you will be asked for information necessary to complete your assignment including uploading any related documents.

Step 4 – When your service is complete, we will send the Conformed Copies, Proof of Service, Affidavit, or the Locate Report to you by email immediately.

After your assignment begins, you can request an update on its status here. Please have your work order number ready at the time of your request.

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